Selling Tips

First Impressions Count – First Impressions Last

Most home owners are too close to the situation and find it difficult to maximize the presentation of their home. We at Cocks Auld offer a free initial consultation with our home stylist. Feedback from our vendors is that this service is extremely helpful.

From there home owners can, if required, rent furniture and affects to further enhance the presentation of the property. This can range from a few items to furnishing the whole house for the duration of the sale campaign.

Useful tips to create a lasting impression

Start with your entrance, garden and façade


  • Remove clutter from the front door
  • Trim hedges, mow lawns and edge paths
  • Repair door locks, fencing and any cracked tiles
  • Clean the windows.
  • Repair and clear gutters
  • Repaint or freshen up old paintwork including the front door
  • Invest in new door mats for the front and back door
  • Great additions are pot plants and flowers that compliment your homes colour scheme
  • Store away all bins and garden equipment
  • Ensure pools and water features are in good working order and are well cleaned
  • Clean all garden furniture and umbrellas/shade sails

Moving inside


  • Repaint or freshen up old paintwork including the ceilings
  • Scrub the walls, skirting boards, floors, tiles and light fittings  
  • Clean windows
  • Ensure that all lights are working – install new light bulbs
  • Remove any furniture that is not needed and is crowding your space
  • Look at the flow of your living spaces and make sure they are unobstructed and inviting
  • Have all carpets, curtains/window dressings professionally cleaned
  • Remove any clutter from the kitchen and only keep the essentials on the bench tops
  • Make sure the bathroom is sparkling – re grout and replace any tiles
  • Check that all doors, windows and window dressings open and close
  • Check all appliances and fuses are in working condition
  • Tidy all electrical cords and cables
  • Remove any other clutter and store away

Open Day Presentation


  • Ensure that all the beds are made and se your best linen on the beds
  • Use your best towels in the bathroom and make sure they match
  • Any tea towels in the kitchen fold neatly and are ensure they are clean or remove completely
  • Have scented candles or fresh coffee in the home to give a pleasant aroma
  • Fruit bowls should contain fresh fruit only
  • Open all curtains and doors to maximize light
  • Tidy and vacuum each room
  • Empty any bins inside the home (kitchen, bathroom)
  • Have fresh flowers on display
  • Turn on any lamps to create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Remove all fridge magnets and flyers from the fridge
  • Remove all valuables from the home
  • Store TV/sound system remotes, newspapers, DVDS  
  • Remove any washing from the clothes line and any washing the laundry put away
  • Ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are spotless  wipe over all surfaces and ensure that the oven and cook top are clean
  • Tidy and straighten out the inside of kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and bathroom vanities   
  • Control the temperature of the home if it’s a hot day turn on the ceilings fans and/or air-conditioning likewise on a cool winters day if there is a fire ensure that is on
  • Take any pets with you during the open inspection

A well styled property that reflects the lifestyle aspirations of prospective buyers will immediately invoke an emotional response from the right buyer.